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Wind Dancer

Baskets & Beadwork


Where The Rocks Spread Out

Photography by

Wild Dove

"Kway, doni gedowiozin?"

I am a Native American from the Penobscot tribe in Northern Maine. It has been an honor to come to know these people, and my family, in a new and refreshing way. Having lived several of my early years on the reservation, and then cirsumstances of life taking me away, I consider it a priviledge to regain family and get to know these people, my people through new eyes.....

I have found a love for certain craft, especially basket weaving and beadwork.

This site is created so that other Nativer Americans can advertised their craftmanship, as well as my own.

All items {unless otherwise noted} are authentically made by

Native Americans, either myself or someone else.

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Maine Baskets

Gift Shop - Hudson Museum, The University of Maine

The Official Penobscot Web Site

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The Penobscot - Where the Rocks Spread Out

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